Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Brand’s Marketing Strategies are as Strong as Understanding about its Audiences.

Brand’s marketing strategies are as strong as understanding about its audiences. It is very necessary for every company or business to understand what their audiences require, and how they react to what the business brings for them. Understanding about their liking, disliking and psychological behavior help them best understand on how to build their marketing strategies to attract far more number of customers towards the business. Backed by big data, data warehouse, cloud computing and other effective tools, Neuromarketing has become the need of the day in Indian market too. 

Neuromarketing, as its name suggests, can be sometimes misunderstood as a new way of marketing. But it actually is a way of study used to analyze the market including impact of marketing ways on consumers and reaction of consumers to it, so it can be rightly called a new way of marketing research.  This way of marketing research is totally based on brain functionality and human psychological behavior.

These techniques focus on biometrics, such as galvanic skin response, heart rate and respiratory rate to learn about how and why consumers make decisions. These techniques also indicate which brain areas are responsible for this. Most big organizations, particularly those with large-scale ambitions, have started to use Neuromarketing to predict consumer behavior about how they think about their products and services, and what special things they require to satiate their respective requirement. Most of such big companies have built their own laboratories and employed science personnel to predict the market needs.

The concept of Neuromarketing is based on the cutting edge medical technology and the model of thinking part of human brain which involves emotion. Marketing analysts of big companies in India, use neuromarketing to best measure the market requirement and a consumer’s preference. This way of market research gives better result than any verbal surveys done as a part of market research. Neuromarketing can tell marketers how and what the consumer reacts to the color of packaging and the sound a box makes when shaken.  Big Data, cloud computing and data warehouse are some most significant tools of neuromarketing used to make marketing strategies much more effective.

Big data, an effective tool of neuromarketing basically means holding large data about audience that you can build chains of connections between their behavior and events. Really, big data is not only about single databases, but it is about sharing and overlaying lots of databases into a  massive infrastructure of consumer data. In terms of promotional needs, big data helps you better understand about your audience behavior. In a nutshell, Big data, Data warehouse and cloud computing enable brands to predict consumer behavior and to react accordingly with their marketing strategies.

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