Monday, October 22, 2018

Best DO Follow Image Submission Sites List for SEO Professional

Being listed on the Top 25+ Dofollow Image Submission sites List, can drive quality audience on your site. If your site is new and you want to do its marketing to gain quality traffic then these Submission is one of the best options that you can have.

25+ Do-follow Image Submission Sites List in 2018:-

Image Submission SiteDomain AuthorityPage AuthoritySite URL
Flickr.com9897Go To Site
Imgur.com9494Go To Site
Fotolog.com7781Go To Site
Dropshots.com5453Go To Site
Pinterest.com10098Go To Site
Diigo.com8789Go To Site
Tumblr.com9996Go To Site
Instagram.com9997Go To Site
Deviantart.com9394Go To Site
Imageshack.us9289Go To Site
Photobucket.com9284Go To Site
twitpic.com8880Go To Site
Smugmug.com8487Go To Site
Mediafire.com8991Go To Site
4Shared.com8386Go To Site
500px.com8891Go To Site
Shutterfly.com8688Go To Site
Weheartit.com8587Go To Site
Pbase.com8288Go To Site
Photo.net8083Go To Site
Imagevenue.com5662Go To Site
Slickpic.com5058Go To Site
Imageevent.com5352Go To Site
Dayviews.com4452Go To Site

Thursday, September 27, 2018

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media

         Content  is King |  Promotion is Queen.        .

                   Quality written substance makes all the difference for Social Media Traffic  !!!!!

  • Follow people who are master in their filed. You will get N number of content ideas and thought ... it will help you in making genuine content .. Your eyes should be on social media trend and recommendation because trends are playing a biggest role in content engagement. the biggest and hidden opportunity is, you will get networking with these people opens huge opportunities of increase your  reputation, traffic and brand promotion Qoura is best example for the same .. Once strong people will follow and share your content by default your reputation ,traffic will increase dramatically ..
  • Must Setup a Micro Blogging account (Twitter)  for your business separately from your personal accounts 
  • Regularly Tweet your content – Try to research and add popular #hashtags if and when necessary
  • Create a Facebook page for your business whether it’s a business, Organization, NGO, Political Party or a blog for just reputation management,  your business presence on Facebook is must. Must Link to your Facebook page from your website, blog etc 
  • Join relevant quora Communities and post relevant compelling Answer when require
  • Join relevant Google+ Communities and post relevant compelling content when relevant but do not do spamming activity  
  • Create and upload  White paper, DOC, PDF, PPT presentations to Slide Share and Scribd etc– and make sure that hyperlinks to your website and blog 
  • Bookmark Link to your website using your profile anywhere which will take a URL link like Reditt stumble upon etc 
  • Use webmaster tool for indexing, fetching url's etc
  • Google Analytics will help in decision making 
  • Submit to the local popular web directories in your country 
  • Submit to Google Places for Business
  • Submit to Bing Places for Business
  • Submit to Yahoo! Local Listing
  • Make your Presence on Google map, Bing map for your physical Business location with contact details, phone number, mobile number, working hour, business category and short profile .
  • If you are looking for traffic on your website please contact or drop a line .. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

महक ( Ek Vardan ज़िंदगी की ) Award Winning Hindi Short Film 2017 by star'...

This film dedicate to all parents Child Care for Special Children Needs. Child care providers often work with children who have identified special needs. Working with children who have special needs can be very rewarding if you understand the child and his special need and make appropriate accommodations to support his learning and development. Show children that you like them by smiling at them, hugging them and speaking to them in a positive way. Read out loud together. Use positive reinforcement to encourage responsible behavior. Help them to learn responsibility by requiring them to complete tasks. STAR'S FILM & PRODUCTION presents

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


10 things to know about Real Estate Regulatory Authority_

*01) Ongoing Projects also to come under RERA*
For ongoing projects without Completion Certificate (CC), developers will have to deposit 70% of the amount collected from homebuyers in a separate bank account within 3 months of registering a project with RERA.

*02) Equal Penalty*
In case of delays, developers will be required to pay compensation to the allottees with an Interest Rate of SBI’s highest Marginal Cost of Lending Rate plus 2%. This effectively means a developer will have to pay interest rates of 11 to 12 % in case of a delay in project delivery.

*03) Imprisonment*
The rules also contain clauses providing for compounding of punishment with imprisonment for violation of the orders of Real Estate Appellate Tribunal against payment of 10% of project cost in case of developers and 10% of the cost of property purchased in case of allottees and agents.

*04) No Discrimination*
Discrimination in sale of properties on any grounds will also not be entertained under the new rules. Adjudicating Officers, Real Estate Authorities and Appellate Tribunals shall dispose of complaints within 60 days

*05) Transparency*
For ongoing projects that have not received Completion Certificate (CC), the developers will have to make public the original sanctioned plans with specifications and changes made later, total amount collected from allottees, money used, original timeline for completion and the time period within which the developer undertakes to complete the project.

*06) Sale on Carpet area*
The promoter shall also be required to declare the size of the apartment based on carpet area even if it was sold earlier on any other basis.

*07) Financial Capacity*
For registration of projects with the authorities, developers will be required to submit authenticated copy of PAN Card, annual report comprising audited profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flow statement and auditors report of the promoter for the immediate three preceding years, authenticated copy of legal title deed, copy of collaboration agreement if the promoter is not the owner of the plot. The promoter will also has to declare information regarding the number of open and closed parking areas in the project.

*08) Construction Status*
The promoter will also have to upload details regarding number and type of apartments or plots, status of the project with photographs floor-wise, status of construction of internal infrastructure and common areas with photos, status of approvals received and expected date of receipt, within 15 days of expiry of each quarter on the project website.

*09) No Income Tax returns required*
In a departure from the draft rules, the requirement of disclosing Income Tax returns has been withdrawn in the final rules keeping in view the confidentiality attached with them and as pointed out by legal experts and promoters.

*10) Detailed Description on RERA website*
In addition to this, the Real Estate Regulatory authorities will also publish information relating to profile and track record of promoters, details of litigations, advertisement and prospectus issued about the project, details of apartments, plots and garages, registered agents and consultants, development plan, financial details of the promoters, status of approvals and projects etc., on the RERA website.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Social Media is an Attraction Management Tool for Political Parties

           Social Media and Indian politics

In the technology-driven world, social media has become the most important medium to connect people from near as well as remote areas-even beyond the boundaries. The social networking sites like #facebook, #twitter, #whatsapp, etc. have proven to be the best means of communication. People vastly use these networking sites to communicate with their friends, family members, relatives etc.

 A majority of the Indian people is witnessing efficient uses of these social media sites for personal, business and political issues. The importance of social media can be seen everywhere. Over few years, the use of the social media sites has influenced Indian Politics too. Marketing managers of political parties take the social media sites as the best marketing and attraction management tool now-a-days.

Social Media and involvement of political parties
Almost all the political leaders have a strong attachment with their followers through these social media sites. They share their views with them by tweeting on the Twitter or by posting information on the Facebook. The best thing is that they also come to know how their followers react to them. This also enables the political leaders to understand their positives and negatives that help them decide changes and implementations accordingly. If we peep into the last few elections conducted in India, the political leaders personally came among the public through these sites, and meanwhile, marketing managers of the poetical parties used the social media as the prime medium to run advertising campaigns.

Social Media's Influence on politics
Social media plays a dominant role to enhance the impact of politics on those who are connected to the networking sites. Past few decades, the majority of working society was almost inactive towards the political issues because they hardly get chances to be aware of them. But now gone are those days, as these social media sites have given common people a close touch with the politics and political issues. On the other hand, political parties and leaders come to know the opinions of common people. Any tweet on twitter or any post on facebook receives a large number of comments from persons from the different societies across India.

             Social Media has changed politics for better and worse 

Like everything in this world, social media also has both bright and dark sides. The bright side of social media reflects with the increased involvement of common people in the politics. The definition of Democracy suggests that democracy is a government of the people by the people and for the people. Social media has brought this concept closer to its practical implementation. As a part of the democratic country, common people in India got a chance to vote only. Apart from it, a voter cannot reach to any level of government or administration with his or her views. But these are social media sites through which everyone can share their views to the public or to the political leaders. Through these social media sites, the common people can better participate in the political issues. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Biggest Challenges for Starts-up in India

Start-up India program has made the journey from start up to success easier than it has ever been. However it must not suppose that curving a niche in the industry has come completely out of the valley of risks and challenges. After starting up a business, the company or organization has a long run to go. It is not possible to have desirable success without beating challenges. The only persons, who have skills and firm determination to take challenges, can come to it.  In this article, the biggest challenges for start-up in India are to be discussed. 

Sales and marketing is the first thing that becomes the first and foremost factor determining success and failure.  No mater human recourses are available in every corner of India, but the skilled and trained faculties who can bring high performance to the marketing strategies are challenge to be found.     
The weak venture investing system in India is one of the great challenges for entrepreneurs.  Even those people, who have skills and smart mind, are frightened to be a part of this start-up in India. They are feared of not getting desirable success even after investing all what they have.   
When India’s youth has to face numerous problems to survive their family, they hardly have sufficient money to invest in any start-up. They collect hard earned money during a long time span, they are always feared of investing it in new enterprises.
Long and complicated process of loan from financial institutes is a challenge for entrepreneurs when they consider the option of loan to meet their investment problems. Sometimes it is hard to fulfill the bank criteria to get loan. When an entrepreneur has to struggle for managing resources, marketing requirement and other requirement; at the same time he has to go through the long process to get financial help.
Corruption in India also creates challenges for entrepreneurs to start their business. It becomes the monster in the way of startups for entrepreneurs. When it is difficult to maintain all things required for the business; the unnecessarily pressure of red tape system discourages them.
In India where people are living in gossip-loving society, peer pressures are high.  Entrepreneurs have to face criticism from the people around. As Indian love to stick to the traditions ways and they come with criticism when someone tries something different. Such problems generally come in the rural environment that is why people feel hard to maintain heir confidence level to make it up.   They mostly lose their confidence not because of their failure, but the fear criticism.
Education system in India is also one of challenges for start ups. The students after getting educated are not sure to go the right industry. After completing their professional education, they have to look for the opportunities and reliabilities from others.     
Hiring of skilled and trained professionals can be terrible. As an entrepreneur, one cannot offer a large package for efficient and skilled employees, and on the other hand untrained and unskilled employees will not help the organization to lead to destination efficiently.   

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Social Media and Neuromarketing-Winning Marketing Tools for any Organization

Marketing is one of the most dominant factors that determine any organization’s success or failure. Today, in the competitive environment, every business whether it is small or large-scaled one, wants to leave no stone unturned to market their brand, product or services. They come up with all latest marketing trends to take their business to every corner of the world or any particular area they set their target at. Using cutting edge technology in marketing field has given it incredible strength and quickness. User engagement is also one of the main traits of today’s internet marketing ways. It finds sufficient targeted audiences, and also grabs their attention making them engaged for their interest.

Today Social Media Marketing and Neuro marketing have become the first preference for big marketing giants to enrich their marketing strategies. Where Neuro marketing is a way of Marketing Research used to analyze human interest and behavior, in the same way Social Media is a winning tool of marketing that has capabilities to take your business to targeted audiences throughout the world. In every corner of the globe where people have touch with internet, importance of social media marketing can be seen and understood apparently.
With most popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and many others, internet has become the best medium to connect audiences from across the world. Today most people are internet savvy and mostly love to be in contact interestingly. For personal and professional requirements, they almost every day come into the contacts with number of their friends and professionals. That is the very reason why both small and big brands use these popular social networking sites as their marketing tool. Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are basically used to brand a business in the internet market. Daily activities on them take the business message to a large number of audiences who are in touch in the internet.
When it comes to measure the interest and behavior of the audiences, Neuro marketing comes up with cutting edge technology and concept of human brain functionality. Market Researchers use some innovative technologies like functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to analyze changes in activity taken place in different parts of human brain. The technologies like Steady state topography (SST) and electroencephalography (EEG) to measure brain response in terms of the activity taken place in specific regional spectra of the brain. Apart from that, sensors are used to measure changes in consumers’ physiological state.  

Actually Neuro marketing is a way of marketing research, that helps businesses understand the behavior of their audiences. The research makes it confirmed what audiences actually want, and also what they react to the products and services. This concept of market research helps organizations understand the real picture of the market focusing on their potential audiences. So they develop their strategies accordingly.