Tuesday, August 30, 2011

About Me Rajesh Kumar Singh Online Marketing Consultant

I am Rajesh Kumar Singh – an Online Marketing and Reputation management consultant. I imagine you’re on this page because you want to know about me or my consulting services.

I am the consultant of Online Marketing, Reputation management, Attraction management, Search engine optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Web product development consultancy and so many modest corners of internet marketing.

After working for VRI Software Private Limited, Classic Informatics Private Limited , Indianet Consultant, Inner Circle Projects Private Limited and several other Online Marketing, Product Development, SEO SMO SMM related companies, now i am working as a Online marketing Consultant.

I run so many projects from, Real estate, Legal, Astro, FMCG industry where few names are www.indastro.com, www.helplinelaw.com, www.thproperties.com, www.diamonddestiny.com ,www.thecityguide.in, www.classicinformatics.com etc .

You can follow me on Twitter, Face book, Linkedin, Blog Spot I spend my spare time on Social Networking and myself engaged with Plantation Activity, and green development.
I especially adore serving out small industries with their online marketing planning and strategic execution. Whether you need a few hour consultancies.An internet marketer or simply someone to help you make sense of all the online marketing tools at your disposal, you have found your collaborator in me.

My consultancy services are available on a contract or project basis.

Contact me at: singh[dot]rajessh[at]consultant[dot]com


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