Saturday, October 20, 2012

Social Media Engagement and Monitoring with Depth

Be Alert if you are giving your work to Social media Agency then watch your activity on regular basis because due to lack of Domain Knowledge so many agencies are deleting the negative comments and for artificial engagement they are posting content and image from different – different sites. 

Due to latest panda and Penguin algorithm update Google is reducing rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.    

Please find few Social Media Tools where you will monitor your Social Media Engagement, i am sure it will helpful for SME's, business man, Entrepreneur  and also for online marketing professionals .

  • Social Media Management: Improve productivity by managing all of our social networks within HootSuite. The HootSuite dashboard is designed for you and your team to listen engages and measure all from one simple interface. I can recommend these Apps.
  • Discover : A comprehensive solution to identify influencers for any client/use case. Easily measure the results of your outreach campaign and provide detailed data as well as highlights. scalable solution to reach hundreds or thousands of influencers. Want instant buzz for your product or service? 
  •  The beautiful way to stay up-to-date with your favorite services like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Foursquare. Stay up-to-date with everything your friends post. Scope's unified profiles show all your friends' social activity on one screen
  • :  Who should use it and why: Anyone who wants to use and search Twitter more effectively should brush up on his or her Twitter Search skills. And knowing what's trending on Twitter can be a useful way to generate ideas for your business blog. When you see trending topics, you can create a blog post with content relevant to that discussion.
  • Discover Build and Manage your Micro Blogs. When it comes to Twitter, numbers might not be as important as the people you follow and who follows you. ReFollow is an application that allows you to lock in those followers that you've connected with and make sure they continue to follow you.
  • : Analyze tweeter by: influence type, time/date of tweets, what they say and who influences them Who are the key tweeters about any topic in any language Filter by date, language , Full fire hose access to twitter, Analyze shared web links (impressions, tweets and re-tweets)
  •  Professional Social Media Management: Publish social content with our advanced scheduling tools. Engage your fans with our always-on social inbox. Measure your results in real business value.
  •   WordPress  Plugins will support : Calendar - A convenient month-by-month look at your content. Custom Statuses - Define the key stages to your workflow. Editorial Comments – Threaded commenting in the admin for private Discussion between writers and editors.Editorial Metadata - Keep track of the important details.Notifications – Receive timely updates on the content you’re following.Story Budget - View all of your upcoming posts in a more traditional story budget view, and hit the print button to take it to your planning meeting.User Groups – Keep your users organized by department or function.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Increasing your Chances of Expanding your Customer List

What is the challenging part of opening a business……. and without a single second delay we will pass the message… Finding the consumer/ Customer/ Purchaser! ! For the respected business, I think this formula is applicable on each and every business.

There is formula simple way of doing this. Trying several ways of tapping into customers can be the trick to increasing your chances of expanding your customer list. Work with Google local, Google Map to advertise your business, products and services. If you want to circulate an announcement instead of going for one big advertisement seek to put numerous small ads at different different classifieds ads directory/Portal/pages like Quikr, Craigslist, Click one, OLX etc. You know community will memorize a given name or a sign only if they see it frequently numerous times. That is what you desire to accomplish.

It is very true what everyone say’s in terms of the first impression is a lasting impression! This is not just true in personal aspects but in every business situations as well. The application UI will be comfortable for the users, Payment gateway will trust worthy and pre purchase support and post purchase supports is creating a major role in the whole process.

Following features are requiring for attracting the users on long term basis :-

1. On-Screen help is available for most available functions for the user.
2. Store shipping rates are calculated by order weight and/or price. The amount charged for shipping can be calculated via fixed price or percentage such kind of stuff will create a transparency in User mind.
3. User will find each and every comment to each order, or comments that the customer can also see, please avoid the wrong practice like removal of negative comments from sites.
4. Social Media Engagement for the Users .
5. With the use of Google Analytics understand the USER BEHAVIOR EXPERIENCE regarding , Location, User Geo Location, Region , Browsers, Enter page, Exit Page and Keywords phrases etc
6. Above information will help to understand your incoming Users / Buyers / Visitors .

Now a day’s very popular social media site, reviews and compare product feature are a common as referral marketing Word of mouth referrals are still the No. 1 marketing medium in the online world, and for good reason — people trust their friends' recommendations, reviews and comments so I can say with the use of social media engagement you can attract N numbers of visitors as User/ Buyer .
As we Know Very Well --- > Revisit, revisit and revisiting the users on same site are called really attraction management for the offline/ online business.

In Next Blog I will explain How to Gain response from Localize your online Attraction management.