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Important Factors to Remember which help in Achieving the Goal of Building a Sustainable Organization

R Departments will always play a crucial role in planning and building sustainable Organization. A lot of planning , organizing, directing, controlling, resourcing an outsourcing will go into building sustainable and everlasting organizations Like TATAs, IFFCO, MakeMyTrip, Birlas, Wipro, Flipkart, all are living examples of great organization with highly sustainable business models.

Following important factors to remember which help in achieving the goal of building a Sustainable organization.

  • Never compromise on Recruitment
  • Share information at right time , Right Place and Right hand otherwise worth less
  • Though a bit lesser Qualification and experience always look for progressive, Proactive, and Productive Attitude.
  • Always groom In-house Talent for higher position, rather than recruiting from outside, If you recruit from outside for higher positions every time, it will generate politics which would result in negative. Unproductive and bad time management leading to mess in meeting deadlines. This would also result in unwanted Jealousies, which would mar the office atmosphere spoiling the interpersonal relations. Ultimately business environments and surrounding will effected.
  • Understand about recruitment, make Exercise, and find out Skills Set, Shortlist N Number of resume because a new recruit is raw material personified entered into Organization. He has to be trained to suit the needs of the organization and finally I want to share a single sentence “”Every Employee must be treated as Internal Customer.
  • Encourage and celebrate every moment wherever and whenever you find achievements whether big or small. This will improve interpersonal relations and decreases tension and inhibitions.
  • Control the politics in work culture because Office politics is a major issue in business because the individuals who manipulate their working relationships consume time and resources for their own gain at the expense of the team or company. In addition to this problem, the practice of office politics can have an even more serious effect on major business processes such as strategy formation, budget setting, performance management, and leadership. This occurs because when individuals are playing office politics, it interferes with the information flow of a company. Information can be distorted, misdirected, or suppressed, in order to manipulate a situation for short-term personal gain.
  • HR team should observed Cyber loafing activity - A novel form of workplace deviance has emerged in recent years, as technology becomes a bigger part of people’s work lives. Internet workplace deviance (or “cyber loafing”) has become another way for employees to avoid the tasks at hand this includes surfing the web and doing non-work-related tasks on the internet such as chatting on social-networking sites, online shopping and other activities.

Problem Analysis
  • Analyze performance, what should the results be against what they actually are
  • Problems are merely deviations from performance standards
  • Problem must be precisely identified and described
  • Problems are caused by a change from a distinctive feature
  • Something can always be used to distinguish between what has and hasn't been affected by a cause
  • Causes to problems can be deducted from relevant changes found in analyzing the problem
  • Most likely cause to a problem is the one that exactly explains all the facts

Decision Making
  • Objectives must first be established
  • Objectives must be classified and placed in order of importance
  • Alternative actions must be developed
  • The alternative must be evaluated against all the objectives
  • The alternative that is able to achieve all the objectives is the tentative decision
  • The tentative decision is evaluated for more possible consequences
  • The decisive actions are taken, and additional actions are taken to prevent any adverse consequences from becoming problems and starting both systems all over again
  • There are steps that are generally followed that result in a decision model that can be used to determine an optimal production plan.
  • In a situation featuring conflict, role-playing may be helpful for predicting decisions to be made by involved parties. 

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