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Tips for Online Attraction Management

Nowadays marketing a product is big challenge for MNCs and also SMEs. Everyone want to promote their product but they are confused how to move in right direction. I have observed so many comments about the branding, online branding & reputation management. All companies want to build the reputation in market but they don’t want to engage the respective audience.

How to Build Online Attraction for Your Respective Business?

Engage your User / Audiences on regular basis using UI

You just don’t build pretty websites, your website design, presentation; images, color; navigation and content should be in a presentable manner because your website is a just an online marketing representative who working for your business in 24 X 7 X 365 environment that gets your business noticed online.

Content Engagement and Key word Attraction

Your websites should be optimized on search engine so user will search anything related to your business / product, your site will come on top.

Now Search Engine Optimization work is Hoff Man Choice for you

SEO services will get your business website ranked on the 1st page of Google in as short as 2 -3 months! This all depends on the competitiveness of your target keyword and the industry you’re competing in. Day by day SEO is becoming tough due to more competition, so be alert when you hiring a SEO Agency, you should hire Attraction Management consultant and ask about each and every thing about Keyword Optimization and then you have to make agreement along with agency for minimum 3 months time period, nowadays so many agency want a deal for six month so be careful.

Attract users using Social Media Tools

All over world 95% families are Nuclear, hence Social Media is a tool for Engagement which may be personal or professional because mass decides where they move.
Nowadays, so many business using the social media tools for online social presence they are using Twitter, LinkedIn, Apna Circle, Pintrest, stumble Upon and Facebook to distribute the same information they always have, but the consumer now has the capability – and the aspiration – to converse reverse.

Case study about Real Estate Social Attraction management using Social Media

A Business is real estate company and he want to engage the user but A social media activity is from different fields , consumer user want to know about the construction progress but builder message is related to amentias. Now users behavior experience is saying Business A is going to lose the consumer engagement.

User behavior experience is saying you have to engage the user as per your business and user requirement taste. If business A will drop a Message related to building progress user will understand the things the company is doing his job well, then automatically user engagement will work and consumer will attract towards A brand and user will regular visit the profiles for getting updates and information about work in progress.

The attraction management techniques is always depend upon your user behavior experience few things to remember when you are thinking about attraction management about your Online Brand.

  1. Understand your visitor need
  2. Learn and count the User Behavior Experience
  3. Synchronize your content feature for user
  4. Drop a Clear Message with address tag
  5. Friendly content in very polite manner
  6. Don’t Hide the things, when you start hiding your engagement will automatically decrease
  7. Information at Right Time, Information at Right Place and Information in Right Hand
  8. If you’re not listening, responding to an engaging with your followers, you’re missing the point, and eventually, a bigger occasion regarding your Business.

Go Viral for More Attraction

Looking for an innovative technique of promotion your corporation or product that sets you above the competition?

Go Viral ! In our team so many highly experienced professionals will design a Viral Marketing Campaign for your brand.

For viral marketing you have to make a strategic plan for your Viral marketing where E-Books, Text Message, Flash movies, Social Media Profiles, social Media Integration, Software download, Micro Sites Development, and main webpage to ensure maximum exposure with full cohesiveness to the brand.


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