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Free Tools for Monitoring Your Brand's Reputation Online

Monitor Your Brand Reputation

Now that you’ve done all of this work to build a positive reputation for your brand, you will want to keep an eye out on any news about you or your business. The easiest (and free) way to do this is through Google Alerts. Google Alerts lets you set up searches for your name or your brand name and sends you emails when new results come up. Other sites that provide similar services include Social Mention (free), Trackur (paid), and (paid).

Google Alerts : 

Google Alerts is one of the most convenient and easy to step up tools to monitor your brand reputation. Go to and fill out the search form with your company name. You have the option of filtering what type of media results you would like, how often you would like to be updated with your results and so on. Now every time your brand is mentioned online, Google will alert you!


TweetBeep works very similar to Google Alerts, except it monitors your brand reputation solely on Twitter. You can get a free version of this service which gives you an hourly update every time you are mentioned on Twitter. Tweetbeep analyzes Twitter replies, mentions and links for any possible mention of your company. For a more in-depth analysis, Tweetbeep does offer a premium version of this service at a small monthly fee- but we think the free version works pretty well as is!

Social Mention

Social Mention can be a particularly helpful tool, as it uses data from a vast network of online sources. Once you give Social Mention your brand name, it creates a list of mentions and ranks them as positive, negative or neutral. Due to the fact this platform pulls data from so many sources, the only potential downfall with Social Mention is non-relevant are sometimes listed in your search. However, for such an extensive and helpful tool to be free, we’ll take it!
4. MonitorThis
Last but not least, MonitorThis tracks keyword (in this case, your company name) mentions on over 20 different search engines. Plus, you can set up MonitorThis results to important directly into your feed reader. MonitorThis is fast, free and easy!

Automated Reverse Image Search

Image Raider is an automated reverse-image search tool – spend a few minutes adding your photo or image catalogue, and we’ll let you know when we find any other websites using them.

Monitor blogs

Keep up to date with the latest relevant blog posts and comments with tools like BackType Blog Comments, BlogPulse and Technorati.  You can also run comprehensive searches by using Google Blog Search.  Monitoring blog posts and comments will give you some real insight as far as customer opinion is concerned.  A quick response to any negative feedback is largely dependent on finding that negative post within a reasonable time frame.


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