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New Capabilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud Include

Touch Interface

Tablets have become mainstream in the enterprise, boosting efficiency as employees do critical parts of their jobs on the go. Adobe Marketing Cloud has been redesigned to reflect this trend, becoming a touch-based, mobile-first platform.
Adobe Marketing Cloud Cards Using a share dialog feature, content or data in any Adobe Marketing Cloud solution can be turned into a sharable “card.” This collaboration feature also allows marketers to leave annotations and comments on cards, so that everybody working on the campaign is on the same page.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Feed
The feed is an aggregation of shared cards. It provides each marketer with an at-a-glance view of everything in Adobe Marketing Cloud that is relevant to them. The feed helps marketers and their teams stay up to date.

Adobe Marketing Cloud Boards
Users can create a board to collect and curate cards. Like cards, boards can be shared and commented on. Boards give a marketing team a common base for discussion and improve coordination of activities in Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Unified Login
The Adobe Marketing Cloud now provides a common access point for solutions allowing customers to access, navigate, and collaborate between and across user experiences.

Integrated Digital Asset Management (coming soon)
The integrated DAM system will store, manage and share assets across all Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. Marketers will be able to search, find, edit, annotate and upload assets and organize assets by folder and campaign, and it will include full metadata support.

Campaign Setup Wizard (coming soon)
Marketers will be able to quickly create a campaign, specifying campaign title, team and asset repository. If Adobe Creative Cloud users are invited, their Creative Cloud account will be synchronized automatically with the campaign's Digital Asset Management folder. Automatic synchronizations and integrated sharing, commenting and annotations mean that marketers will always be up to date with their creative team and that assets don’t get lost in transfer.

Customer Quotes
“The new UI for Adobe Marketing Cloud eliminates the sluggish complexity of surfacing and sharing key insights, drilling down to understand what’s going on and deciding on the right course of action,” said Adam Allamar, VP of Marketing, Barclaycard US. “I’m excited that my teams can now use Adobe Marketing Cloud to better connect and collaborate.”

“Because we have a large number of teams involved in the production of our websites and digital magazines, we need a better way to communicate key data and insights to people who are not digital analysts,” said Christopher Reynolds, vice president, marketing analytics, Conde Nast. “The new visualization, sharing and collaboration features within Adobe Marketing Cloud elegantly solve this challenge. No one on my team is going to miss static charts and lengthy email chains.”

The integrated digital asset manager and campaign setup wizard are expected to be available in the coming months. All other new functionality in Adobe Marketing Cloud is currently available in beta.

The Five Solutions within Adobe Marketing Cloud
The Adobe Marketing Cloud can be accessed at, a destination where marketers not only share and collaborate, but where they also interact with the five solutions in the Marketing Cloud:

Adobe Analytics puts the power of relevant data into the hands of marketers. You'll be able to see trends, get key insights, and make strategic decisions that help you customize your digital experiences, find and create loyal customers, and increase revenue Adobe Target lets you create, dynamically serve, and continually optimize personalized messages that break through the clutter, increase conversion, and keep customers coming back for more Adobe Social ties social activity to business results, showing you what's working, how it's working, and what you need to do to get even better results across all your social media investment Adobe Experience Manager allows marketers to create, manage, customize and deliver brand-building content seamlessly between smartphones, tablets, and the desktop Adobe Media Optimizer is a powerful ad management platform that gives you a consolidated view of how your media is performing, along with tools to both accurately forecast and continually optimize your media mix to deliver peak return on your investment

About Adobe Marketing Cloud
Now there’s a place that puts everything digital marketers need in one spot. It’s called Adobe Marketing Cloud. It includes a complete set of analytics, social, advertising, targeting and Web experience management solutions and a social-enabled UI that brings together everything marketers need to know about their campaigns. So marketers can get from data to insights to action, faster and smarter than ever. Visit to learn more.

About Adobe Systems Incorporated Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences.

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